Nicoline Refsing, Rockart Design. Production Design. Creative Direction. Show Direction.

Nicoline Refsing – Founder of Rockart Design.

Nicoline Refsing is the creative powerhouse behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. She covers a full range of roles, from her background as a Production Designer to Creative Director and Show Director.

From a young age, Nicoline was driven to create experiences that move and inspire audiences. With a Masters degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and an unwavering focus, she set out in the music industry to connect fans and artists through design and immersive experiences.

It was Nicoline’s unique ability to interpret, distill and communicate artistic messages that saw her quickly rise to the top of her field, where she remains today as one of the industry’s most sought after production designers and creative / show directors.

Founding Rockart Design in 2011, she started her career under the wing of production design icon Mark Fisher of Stufish. With Stufish, Nicoline designed the staging for the hugely successful Pink Fun House tour. According to Pollstar, the Funhouse Tour (2009) earned around $150 million, with more than 1.5 million attendees. The tour became one of the highest-grossing concert tours in music history.


Today, Rockart Design is without a doubt a global leader in its field, thanks to a unique blend of creativity, technical skill, experience, meticulous attention to detail and care. Nicoline’s talent to create spectacular experiences is supported by her complete understanding of each and every discipline involved in the process, from concept to right through to delivery.

As Creative Director and Content Producer for the entire Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, Rockart Design was responsible for all 37 participating countries. Collaborating with artists to create authentic, unique performances is a responsibility Nicoline shoulders with confidence, endless enthusiasm and commitment. 2014 saw Eurovision viewer ratings increase by 25 million. Often referred to as the “Queen of Eurovision” she has been invited back to creative direct and design performances every year since.

Caring is intrinsic to Nicoline’s success. With audiences reaching the 200 million mark, her Eurovision work sees her responsible for creating the viewing experience for both television, and live audiences – the stakes are undeniably high, and no detail is left unconsidered. 2016 saw her collaborate with Australian contestant Dami Im, whose striking performance saw her finishing in second place of the competition.

Nicoline’s foundation as a part of the legendary Stufish team, saw her work on the design for the world’s biggest live shows, including The Rolling Stones, U2, Michael Buble, Take That, Robbie Williams, MTV EMAs and VMAs and the legendary Cirque du Soliel.

Rockart’s ability to move a television audience is second to none. Nicoline’s design credits include The National Television Awards, The Brits, as well as award ceremony performances for a host of international artists including the late Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Coldplay, Cheryl Cole, Kylie Minogue, Kings of Leon, The Killers and Snow Patrol. Working closely with popular TV show The X Factor, Rockart provided set design for guest performances by Olly Murs, Emeli Sandé, and pop sensation One Direction.

Nicoline’s talent for creating remarkable experiences extends to ceremonies. She worked on the design for Beijing Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremony, as well as the East Asian Games.

In 2015, Rockart was introduced to the world of e-sports, a new trend in major events that sees live audience competitions staged for online gaming. She provided production design for the emerging Riot Games, League of Legends. This saw Rockart design four international arena spectaculars for an entirely new streaming audience.

The growing desire for brands to create unique experiences, and for events to really stand out from the crowd, led Rockart Design to take on creative direction, screen content, production and lighting design for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 60th Anniversary Gala Event. The company also provided production design for the spring product launch for fashionable watch brand, SWATCH. “One of her recent roles as Show Director involved working with Jack Morton on a high profile product launch.”

Nicoline has been nominated for TPI’s Set Designer of the year award, so its no surprise that she has built a fiercely passionate team of industry supporters. NTA’s Exec Producer Kim Turberville says: “Nicoline cares. Her creative energy, attention to detail, passion and focus on the project in hand, is coupled with an innate understanding of how to deliver on budget”.

“At a time when TV set design is monochromatic and derivative, Nicoline brings colour, vibrancy and originality. We need more of this on our screens”, stated Brit Awards Exec Producer Helen Terry

Success will be a continuation of the company’s legacy as a market leader, delivering breathtaking performances and experiences for internationally renowned clients, artists and brands.

“I went into this business because I thought that through music, and entertainment we could bring people together to make a difference. Music goes across countries, continents, cultures, politics and religion. If we can support the visual expression and amplify the artist’s messages by communicating what’s in their hearts more precisely, then I think we have done a fine job”. Nicoline Refsing