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At Rockart Design we know, when you are about to decide on the design for a TV-show, Tour, Performance or an Event the set design is a very important factor for the brand identity you are about to create.

The design can be an extension of your core values and personal or entertainment brand and reflect a specific experience you would like your audience to have, whether it is live or on TV.

We are specialised in creating unique designs, which reflects your objectives for a successful show or event. Throughout the process we help you analyse your brand and how to translate that into a live experience and successful cost effective delivery.

Our packages vary in price depending on the job. We love big and small jobs and will be happy to put together a package to fit your budget, which specifically covers all your needs and wants to make your show spectacular. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.

Examples of services within our design packages:

Artistic services

  • Design, brand or artist requirement analysis
  • Concept idea and mood-board of visual references for the set design
  • Sketches of main set idea
  • Design of set based on overall concept idea
  • Design of artist performances
  • Design of scenery or props for individual performances or set changes of the show
  • 2D AutoCAD PDF package of main set
  • 3D CAD model of the set design inserted into venue drawings.
  • Sightline study
  • Seat sale study
  • Detailed design specification for workshops
  • Visualisation package of 3D renders. Colour illustrations of the design in the venue from given camera or viewing angles
  • RAD Lab visualisation of set with animated screen content from specific camera angles

Management services

  • Workshop supervision, overseeing the set fabrication
  • Art direction onsite artistic input for final set up
  • Budget management of scenery budget
  • Advising with regards to vendors prices and services / pitching

Please note: Rockart Design work independently of workshops, fabricators and other vendors. Clients can take our material to any vendor of their choice for costing or use as basis for a bid package. The final vendors are chosen by and paid directly by the client.