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Upcoming speaking gigs:

Prolight + Sound, Eventplaza Conference Frankfurt,
6th April 2017

BVE London,
28th February 2017

PLASA Show London,
18th September 2016

Media Bites Amsterdam,
19th May 2016

Ljud Ljus och Bildmässan,
12th May 2016

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Sophie Atkinson - Content Manager, PLASA Events
"Nicoline has spoken at the PLASA Show in London twice now – in 2014 and again this year in 2016. Her presentations focus on the creative side of the use of technology, something that is sometimes missed in the high-tech nature of the event. Nicoline’s presentations always attract a lot of attention – great for us in the run up to the event – and the theatre onsite is always packed. Nicoline is a very professional and highly engaging speaker, who captivates her audience with beautifully presented and fascinating presentations. We hope she will come back again to speak next year."
Sophie Atkinson

Content Manager, PLASA Events

Nicoline has built up a reputation over the years as a renowned public speaker, and has spoken internationally at industry conferences, conventions, art schools etc. She speaks on various subjects including:

  • The Art of Creating Impactful Artist Performances
    Seminar Description: Nicoline Refsing, Production Designer, Creative Director and founder of Rockart Design has, for the past three years, been creating iconic artist performances for the Eurovision Song Contest. Nicoline will show us examples of her work and the creative process behind the performances, amongst others “Australia” who came in second in the competition this year.
  • Making the Eurovision set come to life
    Seminar Description:The work Rockart Design has performed for Eurovision, primarily focused on Eurovision 2014, where Nicoline was Creative Director and Content Producer, creating the 37 countries performances on the show. How we worked with the set and brought the performances to life.
  • My work and career as a female entrepreneur in the entertainment and music business
    Seminar Description: Nicoline’s journey from student in Denmark, moving to London working for Mark Fisher and Stufish and starting her own business Rockart Design 5 years ago.
  • How to create and grow brands and brand experiences
    Seminar Description: The creative side of designing an awards show and creating unique visual identity for entertainment shows and events. How to create spectacular brand experiences for your audience.

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Plasa Olympia, London 2016

Plasa Excel Exhibition Centre, London 2014

"The Association of Swedish Lighting Designers (SLF) invited Nicoline as a speaker on two different occasions, the first time being an international lighting designer’s conference in Malmo 2015. This seminar was so popular that SLF were asked to invite Nicoline to speak again, this time at the Swedish Audio, Video and Lighting Expo in Stockholm (LLB) 2016.
Nicoline’s seminars focus primarily on the artistic ideas and the creative process of her work. Her starting point is always the artistic design idea, then how it can be implemented technically. Her artistic designs are extraordinary and her portfolio includes many different types of events."
Ulf Nielsen

Association of Swedish Lighting Designers (SLF) (Svenska Ljussättareföreningen)

"It is a great pleasure to work with Nicoline. She is always very professional and extremely dedicated to her work. Her contagious commitment attracts exciting professionals from near and far and as a skilled communicator and public speaker, she manages to mesmerise her audience."
Kerstin Anderson

Head of Further Education, The Danish National School of Performing Arts