Production Design & Event Design for Interactive Product Launch 2017

  • Creative Agency: Harriman Steel
  • Production Designer: Rockart Design / Nicoline Refsing
  • Choreographers: IC Movement, Adam and Antoine
  • Event Producer: Lauren Rogers
  • Dance and Interactive Producer: Jo Daykin
  • Producer FOH: Bimla Safka
  • Lighting Designer: Jvan Morandi
  • Audio Design: Jon Crawley
  • Video Content: Stout Studio
  • Production Director: Pod Bluman
  • Production Manager: Neil Keane
  • Production Manager (nights): Carl Martin

Creating a unique event identity and designing a sculpture transformed by projection mapping for a fashion collection launch in The Strand 180.

Rockart Design was Production Designer and Event Designer for this ambitious immersive fashion product launch. We were appointed by Bluman Associates, working closely with leading marketing agency HarrimanSteel. Rockart provided a unique design for the launch to stand out and create a bespoke immersive experience in the edgy and warehouse-looking venue.

The choreographers IC Movement created a contemporary dance performance exploring the relationship between time and space, which was the center of the event. Replacing a traditional backdrop we created a unique sculpture which, with interactive projection mapping, transformed into the canvas for an integrated dance performance.

The immersive event was staged for over four hundred international VIP press members and fashion bloggers from all over the world.
With the design layout we created a free flow to the event, to encourage the audience to become more active participants and explore the different sections at their own pace, and to create the opportunity for the participants to stage their own storytelling within the event. For this, we provided several unique-looking set elements ideal for photo opportunities. This in effect documented the identity of this launch for various media and social media channels unique to just this time and space.